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wad can i do? i still love both

i known my ex for 7 years . together with him for 7 months .
i really love him . but thibgs were not smooth for us . yes, he was quite charming . lots of girls love to flirts with him . when i saw his phone, other girl msg him ending with "muack" ; 'miss you' . i felt jealous . i went to flirts with his close friend . i didn't realised that his friend has feelings for me . he friend was a nice guy . older than me 2 years old . and when he get to know that im quite close with his friend, he was also jealous . we quarrel . but though i still love him . we were having a cold war . after which his friend show actions to me & my boyfriend that he wants to court me . i admit that whenever i feel lonely i would eventually go to him . n so we developed the feelings . but i still treat him as brother . he's a smart guy .

few days later , we quarreled . out of anger . i said lets breakup . he say ok . i regretted doing that . n his friend court mi , after few weeks . n say to me to try out the relationship . i agree . uncertain bout the feelings towards him . now im still with that guy n my ex is always in my heart . we met out once . we kiss . i really cannot forget him . all the while , the memories of me n my ex are kept in my heart . i just can't forget . n i love this stead too . im really confused . this current stead is treating me very good . wad can i do? i still love both .


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