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Not only once but twice i let her move in

I was in a relantionship, with girl sice i was 18. She was 17,and she had a 8 month year old son. I excepted him and still see him as my own son. We were together for 8 yrs. We Also have to beautiful Children together. When she was 17 and confuse going threw problems, she tried committing suiced with pills. That Night it happened, i was out to dinner with my family. But for some reason i got this weird feeling i never have experience before. I left dinner early and took of to her house. When i got there, she was laying down in bed and was not being herself. First thing i did was take her to the hospital. The doctors new what was going on. I was cluessless. They finally told me she took pills. I was there by her side, which i hope no one would want to experience. The doctors let me know if i was 1 hour late she probably was going to be alive. Thats the first experience i went threw. Futher during our relationship i got hooked on drugs. I saved her life and dont expect a gold medal. All i wanted for her to see that i was also going threw some bad times with my addition, and need her support. To top it off,i let her sister that was trouble live with us. Not only once but twice i let her move in, for some reason i got kicked out. Last time she move in she made my ex call the cops and get tempery restraining againt her and my own children. That was so hurtfull. I never once laid and never will i hit a women. The painfull part was i was not able to see my children. Then She Had her dad, that really was not there for her in her childhood. Move her up north with my kids. Sorry for the big story, but i need to give the truth.


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