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She left me with a big hole inside

Well it was about one month ago at this party. She had just broken up with her BF of two years and she said they were done for good. I didnt move in at first, cause she didnt show intrest. About 3 days later, when we were talking about the party and how I had fun, she mentioned she was bored and asked what I was doing. Being nice, I asked if she wanted to hang out, as friends. But then something clicked and we fell for eachother. I had not yet had a serious relationship and this one was for REAL! We talked atleast twice a day, she adored me and I couldnt stop thinking of her. We partied and hung out together for about a month when she told me she was "confused" about her ex. She mentioned that she had planned a trip to see him at college, just to sort stuff out. I felt uneasy, worried about what might happen up there, but her friends assured me that it would not happen. I tried to call her but her phone was always off. When she finally came back and we had a chance to talk, she told me that her ex had "changed" and said she was real sorry for what she got me into. I felt angry at first, for i felt I had been led on and her friends agreed. Now im just upset and miss her alot. I know we were short, but she was my first real love and she left me with a big hole inside.


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