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Okay... our relationship started like magic. I met him through one of my friends. Some "looser" broke up with his gf and wanted to know if i wanted to hang out and get a burger or something AT 1:00 IN THE MORNING!!! What a dork. lol. So I was like, "i don't think so... hahaha" well, i hadn't met him yet, he seemed really interested in me though just from talking on the phone. he was really funny, *awesome personality* so I kinda figured he'd be ugly, but when i met him, he was HOTT!!! GORGEOUS! and so i gave up right there & i wasn't even gonna try, but then he asked me out that night cuz he thought i was hott too. it went perfect. i could be myself around him & he was everything i ever wished for. i'd spend every day with him. we were like best friends... we'd hold hands even in the car... he always told me how much he TRULY loved me! we just had that awesome chemistry. then, after a couple months, he just broke it off out of nowhere. i didn't understand what happened, and i even begged him to come back but he said NO. i went at it for a while, but now i just gave up, but in my heart, i will always love him. it hurts so bad!!! he didn't even break up with me for another girl cuz he was still single for like 2 months after we broke up. now he is going out with some hideous bisexual creature & he's being an a$*hole & i am heartbroken. the pain is so excruciating. literally. i don't know what to do with myself... i REALLY don't want to 'give it up' cuz in my head, i can't. so i'm just trying to cope for now. i don't even know what happened. ???????


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