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The 1st kiss is always 1 2 remember

we had been best mates 4 bout a yr and a half, i neva told him but i fell 4 him the 1st time i saw him. i was there 4 him when him n his gf broke up n always gave him advice. i wunt let my feelings get in the way but everyday i loved him a little bit more. he told me 1 day that he started avin stronger feelins 4 me n surprised me by kissin me (the 1st kiss is always 1 2 remember). we kept meetin up as more thn friedns n thn his best friend (my friend 2) had a party n thy dint invite me, i found out the reason, the boy i luvd had been meetin up wi my best friend behind my back, both knowin full well how i felt bout him, i dint talk 2 either of thm 4 weeks but slowly i started 2 4give thm cos thy knew wot thy did was wrong, my friendgot wi sum1 else n the day b4 i went on hol, this guy txt me n said he had sumthin really important 2 tell me n wanted 2 meet up wi me b4 i left. he told me how much of a mistak gettin wi my friend was n he wanted 2 be wi me, i made him wait till i got back till i gave him my answa but i knew it was gonna be yes. we grew even closer thn wed ever been n 1 day out of the blue he said he dunt wanna be wi me anymore says he was still in love wi his ex but the nxt day he came 2 where i was wi sum m8s n flaunted a new gf. i h8d thm both so much, a couple of weeks went by n he broke up wi her n told me he realised he loved me, me bein the fool i am took him back, but he did it again n went back 2 the same girl, i cried n cried, he dint care how i felt, i couldnt eat or sleep, id lost a stone in 4 days n passed out. he found out n felt abit sorry 4 me, writin this now i realise how pathetic ive been. i still love him, i always will he was my 1st love, the last time i let him hurt me was a couple of week ago, he told me he wanted 2 be wi me n i said i couldnt do it anymore i couldnt be wi him, it was 2 much 2 handle bein heart broken again but thn i started realisin i dont wanna be without him so i kept droppin hints that i did want 2 be wi him, he told me he still cared bout me n we made love, i asked him 2 be wi me n he said hed give me an answa lata that day. this was valentines day n he didnt give me 1 so i asked him again but he couldnt look me in the eye. i knew wot was comin, he said his feelings had changed n he dint want 2 be wi me anymore, he couldnt bring himself 2 tell me b4 so he kept me hopin. i avnt spoke 2 him since, our friendship will neva be the same again


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