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Calling me at night calling me rude names.

this guy i was seeing was realy nice me and him were friends and he asked me out one night i seid yes. i didnt realy like him that much but only as a friend, but enyway so we never realy whent on a date cause he was always making escuses, but we called each other all the time and hung out at school he refused to call me his girlfriend in school ... which i though was weird but didnt think much of it.when he called me at nights he would always ask how :far: i would go with him ...ew pervi seid no and we were cool but then my "best friend" started to get all flirty with him.when i was right there. one day im walking home and and i see them WALKING TOGETHER he never asked to walk me home or huged me in public but,there they were(grr) so i get pised and run home he calls me and is like "umm why are u mad at me" wtf oh i dont know!! then the next day he kisses her in front of me, so yah i kinda knew it was over then. so now the are being realy pathetic and calling me at night calling me rude names.


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