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She is so bitter at me she forgot how much she cared for me

Me and my wife where getting a divorce. I started dating this girl that I met online. We had everything in comon and instantly falled in love. The type that everyone else gags about. We did everything together and she was more than the love of my life she was also the best friend I had ever had.

After 5 months into a relationship my soon to be X wife about a week before our court date decided to beg and pleed for me to come back. I did still love my X wife and my girlfriend asked me if I did. I told her like the biggest idiot in the whole world that I did. She left me and told me to go back to my wife and kids. But I did beg and pleeded for her to come back. Trying to show here that she was first and only love in my life and that my wife would just hurt me.

But she is so bitter at me she forgot how much she cared for me becuase of that day. I regret that day took place every minute of everyday. Apart of me thinks that anyone that can forget all there love for you in a day and move on without blinking is not worth it. Another part of me blames myself for wrecking my chance with the only women that I truley loved.

Well its been a month now and me and my wife are giving it another try, but I can seem to find it in me to love her as much as the women that left me. And I feel horrible for it.


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