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I went and got my dogs out of his yard

i was with my boyfriend for over four years. over this period of time i left him many times, however he was always buying me flowers, candy, etc. and would win me back. I have one daughter and he was previously divorced with two kids of his own, so together we were kept busy raising the three kids. One day about three weeks ago i woke up and i felt annoyed with him, so i have learned to just bite my tongue and stay away from him, so we don't fight. Well this silence lasted for four days with him not talking to me, so i wrote him a note stating i didn't know how to break the silence because i was feeling so rejected. I also told him i was planning to move out as of March 1st. well he did not respond for the next four days until one morning the kids got in a arguement and he yelled at me and my daughter and told us to leave. He kicked us out, after i had just spent over 700 dollars in house bills. well after he went to work. i moved out all my stuff and am moving in to my new place march 1st. I feel hurt by the way he has ignored me like the past four years he has not loved me. Any way i think about all the things i will miss about him and i can't think of many. However the things i wont miss include a long list. I feel bad that i couldn't say good-bye to the kids. there last image was their dad yelling at me. My friends say he is happy and that the kids are good so i will leave it at that. Today, i went and got my dogs out of his yard and i did a bad thing I took dog sh.. and smeared it on his barbeque and smashed the dog dishes... This is my revenge. ..


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