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I'm just your average teen

Hi my name is "Jon" I come from a small town where everyone knows everyone. I tried dating girls from around town but nothing ever worked out, I always got the "nice-guy speech". Thats when I hit the online dating scene, I met this girl her name was "Ana," she came from a big city but we hit it off right away, after about a month of talking we decided to swap phone numbers, we couldn't get enough of each other and we were always on the phone. We sent each other pictures weekly through mail and even sent each other things through postal mail. Soon I told her that I wanted to start a long distance relationship, and then she agreed that she liked me too. One day she said that she loved me, and this made the relationship get deeper, I really cared for Ana and I did truly love her, and I loved telling her that everyday. We still kept it going for months we almost made a year, but then Ana started acting wierd, she began to want more from me, more out of our conversations, things like: Politics,News,Philosophical points of view, etc. I'm a smart guy but, I'm not a genius or an honor role student. I'm just your average teen, but Ana was far superior in academics than I was, she just couldn't understand. But I still wanted it to work out, I'd spend extra hours at the library studying different things that might interest Ana because I loved her, but it help a little but not much. When Christmas came I sent Ana a celtic locket I hoped that it would bring to life something inside of her that I knew was dead, and it did, when she got it she call me and was excited, she said she loved celtic accessories, and that I know her well. I thought things were fixed but I was wrong soon Ana's ex-boyfriend was back in town for the holiday and Ana was talking on the phone and spending time with him. After that Ana was calling less and less, I ended up doing all the calling soon, but Ana never so much as gave a text message.I didn't hear from her until second week of January, She didn't call until I left an annoyed message on her voicmail and sent an e-mail. I planned on breaking up with her when she called but I couldn't go through with it. I heard her voice and remembered how much I loved her. I even told her that I loved her, and she paused. I then felt stupid and said "I'm sorry." then she said "No...I'm sorry". Me an Ana talked that night until she said she had to go do something and she'll call me back, she never did, I called her later that night and got no answer, I called her the next day same thing. Soon I stopped calling her all together, I was hurt that I could be so insignificant to her. I took her pictures off my headboard, I deleted her numbers off my cellphone and all the text messages of hers I used to love, and then I deleted the pics on my computer. I'd still recognize the number if she ever called but she hasn't and I don't think she will. Its hard getting over her but it has to be done, I sometimes think that maybe I'm better off alone because I keep getting hurt. For all the bad things women say about men, alot of women are no different. I just hope one day I get one of the good ones.



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