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He's Cheating and Getting Away With It

Me and my boyfriend met on a dating site. We were dating for a while when I got pregnant. Then I went on his page from that site and saw that girls were writing back to him saying "Thanks, you're cute too"...

Then, one night, me and him are in a sushi place and his ex calls him (they're still good friends). She says that she has to borrow $20 from him and therefore she will take car service from NJ ($50) to borrow $20...makes sense? and supposedly her boyfriend was parked a few blocks away from our diner... Ok, why didnt he pick her up from home or at least drive up to the diner to pick her up?

Anyway...She comes into the diner and borrows the money...then he says he will be back, he will walk her to her boyfriend's car ( 2 blocks away)...did I mention this girl is 15?? I guess little girl needs a shaparone. Ok, so he comes back in 15 minutes! ( is that how long it takes to walk 2 blocks?)....OH, and she was wearing lip gloss....so when he came back i see lipgloss on his upper lip... I take my finger and wipe it across his lip to make sure it is lipgloss.... and well it was....I say "whats that??" he says "what's what?". "the freakin lipstick on your lips" I reply and walk away. He runs after me saying that she kissed him on the cheek, he didnt even kiss her back, and when he was wiping her lipstick off his cheek, it must have gotten on his lips..( interesting considering the fact that that was the only place where he had the lipgloss)...oh and he had her mascara smeared on his cheek.

I love him so much and as much as I'd love to believe he's telling the truth, my gut says I'm just wishfully hoping. I don't know what to do now. He thinks I believed him. Should I pretend like I do and lie to myself for our whole relationship or leave him and be miserable?


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