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I tried the od thing and the church thing

i met a girl on line when i lived in virginia. she was mormon. i was christian. we read the purpose driven life and she changed religions. we were excited about it and after she came from arizona to virgnia for "college" we met and we fell in love with each other. i lived in leesburg and her school was in buena vista like 4 hours away. i didnt have a car, so every weekend we took turns riding the greyhound. she was 19 i was 20. i still lived at home. she rid the fact that she changed religions for almost 3 months which is undestandable. i took her to my youth group but i was being a hypocrite cuz i was tapping that every time i had a chance. so right before she went to arizona for the summer she realized that she was late. when she got to arizona she found out she was pregnant. so i flew to arizona, leaving everything ready to be responsible. we got an apartment, got married, got jobs and then she quit working and cheated on me with a guy named jeremy. she wanted nothing to do wich god even though we were going to church. right before thanksgiving she moved back home with her parents and started taking away all the baby stuff. she had the baby my son 2 days before christmas. i was there when he was born. her dad pressured her into filing for a divorce and i just got served divorce papers. asking for full costody of the baby when she doesnt even work and she doesnt want to come back. i tried the god thing and the church thing. it didn't work. now i am left with a broken heart adn memories of what could have been the greatest love i have ever experienced.


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