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miss my ex-boyfriend

ok so ireally really miss my ex-boyfriend and when we broke up that whole week i cried myself to sleep at night . me and him had one of those off and on relationships but this time was different this time we didn't really know we were falling in love all over again so durin softball he would take me to his house and i would change clothes and then he took me to practice well one day i duno what hit us but we were caught flirting like he was doing somthin with his free hand and like i took his hand and put it on the sterrin wheel then he grabbed my hand and wouldnt let go then when we got to practice he actually hugged me bye then when i got out the car he called me over to his window and gave me another hug and said he would call me but then he asked for my best friends # and i gave it to him and then he gave me a peck on the cheek and said i'll talk to you tonight and i didn't mean to but ight luv ya and he was drivin off and he said it back but then at practice my bf came up to me sayin ummm matt just called me and he really likes you again but he said he aint goin thru the break up crap anymore and i said ight then she said that he wanted to stay together this time well he asked me out that night soo we were good then on wednesday i left right after skool to his house to get my stuff because the team hads made it to state so we were leaving for 2 days well that night we talked the whole way to the town that we were playin in an then on the day we were comin home i called him and some other gurl answered his phone and i got upset because then i called his house to make sure it was not his sis or mom and she told me (his sis) that he was wit his buddys mud boggin so called him back and she answered again and she said umm matt aint here soo quit callin well i could hear him in the back laughin then that night we went to the playoff for football and i was with my other friend and he wqas messin with my phone and then it started vibratin and it was a text soo he reads it then he comes to me and said hey man i know this is gona hurt you but i am here for you ight and i was like wat the ?? and so he handed me the phone i saw the words it's over and that wass all i could read before i was coverd in tears bawlin like a baby and then after the game i was goin to chases house because we are like bro and sis but then all the football players saw my mascara runnin down my face and dustin told them why so before we went home chase and the rest of the team took me otu to the movies well when we got there i saw matt and he was kissin all over this other gurl and i really got upset so i told chase that i want to go home and he said r u sure and i said yea i need some time alone so we went home then the rest of that week when i saw matt i always got teared up then the next wednesday we had a ffa meetin and matt was there early and so was i soo we were just messin around and we flirted alot like i was ridin on his back and then he bent over becuz his hat fell off so i was reachin for his hat and i turned to look at him and he said i still love you and kissed me W/TOUNG and i was in love all over again BUT when the meetin was over and we was all eatin he was actin like nutin had happend and was kissin this other gurl then he stopped talkin to me didn't answer the phone did not even act like he knew me then he started datin this college chic and she is a ***** i texted her for her little cuz b/c he wanted supin and she called matt and said i was harassin her and stuff and he told me not to ever talk to her or him again well about 3 weeks ago he said the first word to me that he said in 3 months but he said when we were done talkin don't tell dustin that i talked to you or he will tell his cousinand so i cant tell nobody that he talked to me or his beloved girlfriend will find out and last night i duno why but i had started out havin the best dream ever about him but then i woke up cryin because in the end he said that he doesn't care a bout me at all anymore and i would die for him but i am to scared to tell him


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