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So how do you know what to do when you fall

I've been best friends with this girl for about 8 years, she was practically my sister.She met this guy and they dated for almost 2 years then suddenly broke up. During the past year of my friendship with my best friend things started to get a little rocky and we decided space would be the best idea. Her ex boyfriend and i had been friends but never in my wildest dreams would i have imagined falling in love with him. Then one night he told me he was falling for me. A couple days after was valentines day. I walked out of class to find my best friends ex boyfriend at my car covered in balloons, flowers, and a note on the windshield that said, "will you be mine?" ever since then things have been crazy and ive been falling hard. The thing that hurts the most is my best friend isnt even mad shes got a broken heart which is much worse. Things turn out funny sometimes, not the way you planned and definitly not what you could ever expect. So how do you know what to do when you fall in love with your ex best friends ex boyfriend??GOOD QUESTION! You follow your heart and let it guid you home because in this situation theres nothing else you can do.


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