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is there such thing as a good life?

i met my ex 2 years ago while i was dating one of his friends and we went to his house for a bbq (us, him and his gf)
it sounds stupid but it was the closest thing to love at first sight i've ever experienced...even though it seemed odd to some (i was 18 and he was 36) i continued to think about this 1 time encounter for 2 years, then randomly, i endedd up at a party at his house..that was our second meeting (then i was 20 and he was 38) we haven't spent a day appart ever since that day.
he gradually made me give up all my friends, telling me they were sluts and i wasnt allowed to be around them, then my job, my courses at school, and even my 2 brothers..but i was ok with that because he loved me and we were made to be together...that was almost exactly 1 year ago.
he started beating me up about 4 months ago...first we would fight for awhile then he said i 'pushed him to the point where it was unavoidable' to throw me into a glass coffeetable, break a chair over my back and rip almost 1 inch from the corner of my mouth with his hand.
he told me he did it because i was fat (5'7, and 135lbs.) so i lost 45 lbs. then he told me it was because i had long blonde hair so i looked like a slut, so i dyed it brown and cut it to my shoulders. now i relize it was because he wished he was 20 yrs old to. i could see the anger brimming in his eyes when he looked at me where i used to see love.
its weird because i remember thinking at the beginning that it was goin to be so nice being treated like a queen since he was an older guy with 'old school' values. but i guess i should have listened when my once best friends said 'if he's that perfect and hansome then there must be a reason he's 38 and single.
now when i look at him i feel nothing, i see an old, sad, pathetic man, and i count the days till i've saved up enough to get the h*ll out of here and start my life over.
is there such thing as a good life?


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