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He Cheated In Front of Me

He cheated on me RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!

My ex and I were at a mutual friends house one night. He had had a beer by the time this happened but ONLY one!

My friend (who just happens to be a very attractive female) our mutual friend, came downstairs in a little skirt and hardly a shirt because her boyfriend was coming over.

Well, this girl really wasn't THAT MUCH of a friend because she knows how jealous I can get but wore this outfit anyway. Well...as she was coming down the stairs my boyfriend shouted "hot sh*t!" and got excited. I slapped him on the arm and told him he didn't need to be acting that way towards Amy, she was a friend and I was his gf.

About 10 minutes later Amy's boyfriend was still not at her apartment and I went out for a smoke. When I came back in my ex was on top of Amy on the couch with his pants off and her skirt hiked up over her hips. I was so mad I didn't know what to do. I started shaking and crying and I wanted so badly just to scream. I started crying and the jerk asked me if I wanted to join in!!!! I was so disgusted that I left and never spoke to my boyfriend of 10 months again.


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