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I believe I'm normal and he's nuuuttttsss!!!

We were married 3 years. We moved to a small town where I couldn't find work so I went to another state for 3 months. After I was there 2 weeks I got an email from him at work that he would not be at home when I came back and wanted a divorce. Like an idiot I went back. Again I couldn't find work, so I left again. This time I was attacked by a person with a knife. I had to have surgery and physical therapy and couldn't work for 6 months. In the middle of this with no job, unable to care for myself, no car he said I was too moody and he wanted a divorce. He also insisted that I give him my entire unemployment check for a month to "pull my weight" We now are getting divorced because I see the light. He still insists that I "owe" him $2000 for the time a was disabled and couldn't keep up with the bills like usual. By the way, I was also supporting my daughter out of state or trying to at the time. Last night was the last straw when he threw something at me and then stole all the electronic equipment while I was at church and moved. He says it's my fault. I "push" his buttons" I believe I'm normal and he's nuuuttttsss!!!


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