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We act like nothing happened

I went out with my ex for 6 months. And recently I done something really big for his bday and he got upset with me. Since he hurt my feelings I broke up with him. It was on impulse and out of the moment, not to mention that I had to of my friends telling me to do it. The only doctore love is god. Maybe there advice was relevant for their situations but unfornately now I no it was not for me. Now I regret it. We act like nothing happened and I can't just stand being friends! So I confronted him. However, we are still in the area of fixing it. He says that he sees us going back out but I need to know. Sometimes I feel impatient but I need to let him have his space. Girls if you are in the same boat don't just take any advice from anyone. Know that you are the only one who has the feelings and can decide for yourself. Every guy is different so the outcome is formed from the way you present the problem and his personality and feelings at the time. Don't give up but don't let your hopes and feelings get toiled with. Do what you feel is right AFTER thinking about it for a little bit. And think about it by yourself. DOES THE RELATIONSHIP HAVE MORE UPS THEN DOWNS OR IS it a Loose-win situation, you loose the guy you like but know that is was for the better and there is more fish in the see. Step back and take a look at the relationship and evaluate the best decision for YOU. However, be thinking of his feelings. And most of all BE THE BIGGER PERSON!


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