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I broke up with him because he was going way to fast for me

His name is John, we dated for a year. I broke up with him because he was going way to fast for me. Here I am a 4 monthslater. and i have a class with him. I relized that I still loved him. I eventually told him. he told me that he loved me to. that he never stopped loving me. His girlfriend cheated on him the next day. He broke up with her.. He still loves her. So we started going out that day. (don't judge me) He called me and we were doing great. His ex called, he told me to wait on the other line... I did. He got back on 5 minutes later telling me that he couldn't do this with me. cuz he loves her too. He claimed he loved me more though. That i was his first true love. And he's never stopped loving me. And that he could make it work with me within the month. He just needed a little time. So we hung up.. I was in tears.. I made myself so sick over it. he called 2 hours later. He told me that we could go out now. that he has made up his mind. I made him swear to me that this would work, He swore.. 1 hour later. He calls and has a LONG convo with me on all the reasons this MIGHt not work.. At the end of the conversation he said that this wouldn't work. I told him that he swore to me that it would. He said sorry and we hung up. The next day i talk to him. I ask him if we could still be friends he said he thought i would never ask. He told me he loved me. I told him not to say that. He hung up on me. How could HE be mad at ME???


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