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Well it all started on a halloween night

well it all started on a halloween night. Me and my girlfriends didn't have a car but we wanted to go to macdonalds. well in order to this we had to walk on the freeway a little bit, stupid I know. Well we got our macdonalds and were about to start walking on the freeway when these three guys called out to us that we were hot. We thought it was funny because there were three of us as well. All of the sudden while we were walking the guys pulled up and asked if we needed a ride. Although we just needed to walk across the field to get to my girlfriednds house we decided to get in. They seemed perfect. All of us exchanged numbers and that was about it. About an hour after they dropped us off they called and asked us if we wanted to go out with them tonight. Of course we did. That night was so much fun. Well I got together with the one guy named barry. My friend got together with the other guy named justin. We had the most fun weeks after that. Then one night while we were at Justin and Barrys party we just gradually switched guys. I now had Justin and she had Barry! Then rolled around Christmas. We were so excited because we were having a party and we bought the guys presents. We decided it would be fine for my sister to come with us. Little did I know that her and Justin would hook up that night. Man I was pissed, upset, and confused. Who should I be mad at, how did I let this happen, I thought they both cared for me?! Well things just ended up falling apart I didn't talk to Justin and I fought with my sister every day, but I felt a little bit at ease knowing she didn't talk to him either. One day in January they ended up hanging out somehow. When I found out about this I was pretty upset. I don't really know why or how but my sister didn't feel like comming to get me from school sometimes so she had Justin do it. Once he picked me up we never went straight to my house. We would always either go to his apartment or go with him the rest of the day at his job. One day we were supposed to be going to a radio station to pick up some concert tickets his friend had won. Well we goofed around all the way there and then dropped his friend off at home. We decided we would rent a couple of movies and then he would take me home after. After we got the movies he got a flat tire and we had to walk to his house. It was like that was supposed to happen because as we were watching the movies we gradually got closer and closer and then it got a little hazy. It was perfect the way everything came together..I had no way to get home, we were alone, so I had to stay the night. We snuck behind my sisters back for quite some time. Sometimes I thought he couldn't choose and was just playing both of us but he assured me he wasn't : ( We had the best couple of months after that. We were either together or on the phone..barely ever apart from one another. He started to talk to this one girl that he went to school with and hung out with her a lot cutting time out of our relationship..of course I was jealous. He assured me nothign was going on and thats all I could belive since I had no proof. One day after school everyone was looking for my girlfriend (the one I met the guys with on Haloween.) We had no clue where she was and I couldnt get a hold of Justin at all. Wll finally I found out that Justin was with her. This made me mad a lot and she wouldn't tell me what they talked about. Well Justin never did answer his phone or call me back. That weekend (four days after I last talked to him.) I went over his house without him knowing I was comming. Little did I know I shouldn't have. When I walked in they were laying in bed together! I was Soo upset but I didn't really try to let him see it. He wouldn't even look at me. I hadn't talked to him since May when I saw him in bed with her. That July he came over to my house because he was friends with my brother but my sister came home and the girl he cheated on me with was there. My sister and the girl got into a fight a Justin left immediatly. A couple months in October I got to see him because his sister lived down the street from my friend. We talked for a while and caught up a little bit. He hugged me goodbye and the whole time pretty much acted like nothin had never happend between us. I moved a month after that and haven't talked to him since..I know that if we're meant to be together I'll see him agian just like we got through all of the other stuff but I'm not just going to sit here and wait for it to happen. : /


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