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He Treated Me Like a Slave

I v been with this guy for 3 years . we lived in seperate cities, he finally moved out of his parents house and bought his own house . he wanted me to live with him, and i was a little sceptical cuz he had never been on his own B4. So i asked him all the time are you sure you want me to live with you? and he would say YES if i didnt i would just say so!

so then as we are waititng for the move in date he starts saying that maybe i could move in with some clothes and leave all my stuff at my parents house for a while, and i was like wahtever! my parents wanted my stuff out of there!

so we move in together. everything was hunky dory for about a month i was trying real hard to be the good little house wife that he wanted. Then he started telling his parents i was aslob and that i did nothing all day(i work 10 hours a day and i was driving an hour to get to work and back everyday from our new house his work was 5 minutes away.)so he was cutting me up to his parents AND his friends when i was really trying.

Then he would start comeing home and yelling at me for not rinsing out my cereal bowl that mornig and that i left a hair in HIS sink and that i didnt scrub the tub out after i had a bath.He started saying that it was HIS house cuz he pays more money well he made 3 X the amount I did and i moved an hour a way from my work to be with him.

When we went grocery shopping i would pick things out and he would grab them out of my hands and put it back on the shelf and say i didnt need that. Then he suggests i buy my own groceries. So ok fine no biggy, then he starts cutting me up everytime he comes home from work insulting me adn saying what a lazy slob i am and asking me what i did to be productive after work,and like drilling me, making me just start to hate him then right after he would bitch at me he would stick his hands down my pants and say wanna have sex? and i would push him away and say %%%% off.

so then we stopped haveing sex cuz he made it so miserable for me i was lonley in this new town so i bought a dog, WELL THAT JUST OPENED A WHOLE NEW CAN OF WORMS! He started saying that the dog liked him better and i didnt know how to take care of him properly. I would come home to see my dog and he would be gone with my BF, I got the dog for MY compnay cuz i became so isolated. So of course i was furious with my BF and then my BF started to hate the dog of course so then me and the dog slept downstairs together.

Now my BF had alot of rules for me to follow in this house and i admit as i got angrier and angrier i stopped following them. so one of those rules was that the dog was not allowed upstairs and that the dishes were to be done by the time he got home. well this one night i made super and the puppy got loose and ran upstairs so i left my dirty dishes on the counter and ran after the puppy, i started to play with the puppy in the upstairs room and then i was cuddling him , and i ended up falling asleep on the floor with the pupyy, when i woke up my BF had come home from work and was huvering over me like he was gonna kill me.Now when i get nervous i start to laugh and OOOO BOOOYYY he lost it he said I HAVE SIMPLE RULES FOR YOU TO FOLLOW IN MY HOUSE AND YOU CANT FOLLOW THEM!!!

So i sarted to let it all out! i told him how i lost respect for him when he told me it was only HIS house and whe he started cutting me up to all his friends and family , and all the name calling when he got home from work and i said why would i respect you or your house? and he took one look at me and told me to get out and that he didnt want to see my face again till i had a cube van parked in the driveway.

So I left and went to my mothers (she lived 2 hours away , but i had no place to go) I told him i would be back in the mornig for my stuff when i went back he had changed the locks on me.He had gone to work till midnight and i needed my clothes(i was still in my PJs) so i called the cops and they called him a twork and my BF called his dad WHO ALREADY HAD AKEY to come and let me in.when i went in ALL my stuff was packed and at the front door i had no place to go so i stayed at a girls house that i work with, and found an apartment right away.

that was a month ago. My Bf and i are talking still and he says he wants to make it work but everytime i call to arrange to meet with him he says no or maybe and when we do meet he just wants sex and then if i argue with him at all about it he says whatch it or i wont wanna see you again! I am still amking all the effort here and i am getting used he is a %%%%%%! and i look so dumb by hanging on.

some advice:

Let him come to you if he doesnt it wasnt ment to be

demand respect and dont back down

have written agreements when you move in together

Dont move in till you have that ring on your finger!

AND NEVER EVER let him cut you up to his friends or family!


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