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Her lies got the best of her and she let her friend drive our relationship off a cliff

I was in a relationship for 6+ yrs. Im not saying that I,m a perfect person, but who is. The first year I was not so in to her but she always used to tell me that she wanted me to be more open towards her, so I was and I started to pay more attention to her needs and I changed and promised her that I would love her and only her and I did. Well as soon as i changed i guess she started changing for the worst. She met with her long time friend(who has a bad rep)and started hanging out with her at first I did not make a big deal. Later I started catching her on lies. Her and her friend would sneek to Miami. The first time i found out was throgh a recipt that was laying on her car. I confronted her with it and she told me that she lended her crdit card to her cousin, i belived it at first but later i found out that she lied.She promissed me she loved me and i was the only man in her life and that she would never lie to me again, but after that she went to Miami 3 more times, and all those times she lied to me,and i forgave her.The latest lie was on oct 15 2005, when she told me that she was going out of town for work reason, did i have my doubts? yes but i loved her so much that i belived her.You see people i loved her and i wanted to belive in her. I treated her like a lady and the way a women should be treated. She desided to take advantage of me and never valude me as a person.Yes she never went out of town for work perposes she went to Miami, Now was she cheating on me? I don't know, she problaby was thats not the point. The point is that she lost me because she did not value me as a the good man I am, she lost a person that trully loved her and wanted the best for her. Her lies got the best of her and she let her friend drive our relationship of a cliff. I feel sad about what happened but I know I did my best for her, and sooner or later I will be with some one that charishes that.


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