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I guess old habits die hard

I met him when I was 14, the minute I laid eyes on him, I felt something I still can't describe to this day. We waited a year before getting together, but when we did, it was like two worlds meshed into one, or maybe I was just too young and dumb to realize what I was getting into. Things were ok, I loved him with all my heart, couldn't have been happer. Of course having so many restrictions with curfews and school pissed us off, but we did ok. He lived right up the street, so it's not like our parents had to drive us to each others houses or anything. We were free to be together and savor every minute peacefully. We outlasted alot of high school relationships, a year and a half. Things got bad, he dumped me at 17, when he got his car and stuff. I thought about him every day. I saw him one day when I was with my best friend, and he was smiling ear to ear and asked me how I was doing. I couldn't look him in the face, I stared down, but my friend was almost crying afterwards and was like "HE STILL LOVES YOU! Oh my god!". After that we talked online, and he confessed that he never stopped loving me, and after over a year of talking online and towards the end, on the phone everynight, he came to my job. We were both 19, and things were meant to be better. We were meant to come out and top and have this wonderful love story to tell. Well, he had started doing drugs and crazy stuff when he was 17 after we broke up, and I guess he just couldn't kick the habit. I would hear from him once every couple of days, and it just wasn't working. I dumped him, a month later we got back together, things were meant to be better. Months later, I dumped him again. He went off with another girl, and I am dating someone else, it still hurts. It has been 5 months, we talked once, and he said he loved me and was sorry and felt like shit for what he had done, but I didn't say I love you too, and the next conversation we were having was about a vehicle and he pretty much said he didn't love me anymore. I don't know. I guess old habits die hard, maybe I am stupid, maybe he feels the same, and maybe I will never know. ~CJ


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