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i gained a great girl who is the love of my life

I once dated this girl for like a little bit less than six months and well I kinda knew it wasn't going anywhere and well especially since well live in different cities and well yea there was this one person at her job and I kinda new that they were wanting to get with her but me I was still nice about it. Well we ended up breaking up a few weeks later because I just wasn't feeling the relationship I was more into being friends well nice as I was I got us two phones but after a while I started dating someone else and paying for her phone wasnt me since she had been telling me stuff. well anyways that person and her hooked up how not obvious well and that person just started telling me all this stuff about how he gotmy girl and talking me and i was like ok I really dont care I am with someone and I moved on but I just kept getting harassed so I cut the phone off that night to stop the calls and texts than she texts from his phone an i just dont even bother. well I finally was in town that next day and she texted saying I thought you were coming to get the phone but I was like its not worth it keep it and she kept harassing me and I finally just called and said have a nice life leave me alone and keep the phone on me I can just buy another. Gudbye and although she kept texting i ignored it and well she eventually stopped i was glad but than a few weeks later she called and felt bad and in a way missed me im still with tha same girl after her and we got engaged but my ex still txts all the time but im happy about it cause the guy turned out not to be her prince charming after all and she lost me but me i gained a great girl who is the love of my life...happy ending thanks to exs lol whose laughing now...


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