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How long can you hurt?

How long can you hurt? I have been hurting for the last 3 years. Me and my ex girlfriend dated for 3 years, and during those 3 years we went through a lot, we broke up a lot and got back together a lot. Its funny how such a long relationship can go down the drain in one night. I remember everything about it too and thats what hurts the most. One day I was sitting at home and called her to go out to dinner, I call and got hung up on. She was with one of her guy friends that I also knew pretty well. Well it turned out after i got a hold of her she was with him and staying with him....."Forever" 3 years have passed since then. During those 3 years we fought...tried to get back together, lost touch with each other for months at a time and one of us finally got a hold of one another for some reason or another. Even her and the guy she left me with broke up and got back together once.. Now im hurting more than ever though, they got back togheter a couple of months ago and I hear shes having a kid. I cried for hours when I found that out. I want her back more than ever now, I want to hold her in my arms again. What can you do though except wait for a moment, a chance to be with the person you love the most again. Theres nothing you can do except cry and miss them. Three years now and I still love her with all my heart and soul. Don't take life for granted because honestly...NOTHING last's forever.


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