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If he's not putting talk into motion...get out.

I made the terrible mistake of trusting that a boy could grow up into a man in the name of "love." I was involved with this boy, who is five years my junior, on and off for 1 1/2 years.

During this time, this boy got arrested (twice: once for drunk driving and once for possession of stolen property--a FELONY!), got into two accidents with my car (the second of which was a total), constantly borrowed $ from me, stole from me, psychologically abused me, destroyed my self-esteem, and kept in contact with his ex (supposedly as "friends"). He was abusive psychologically and financially, an alcoholic and a drug user, a liar, a theif and a manipulator who could not hold a job nor treat me right for more than 2 weeks at a time. I was honestly scared to death of what he would do to me financially and emotionally, and what havoc my association with him would have on my career.

How did it end? Well, one day I came home and found out that he had taken more money from me, took his stuff, and just left. This was the day after he looked me in the eye and told me he loved me, that he wanted to marry me, that he would never leave me, and that he had "no where else to go." I am pissed about the money and the fact that he didn't even have the decency to officially break it off with me (no note, phone call, or ANYTHING), but HAPPY that this boy has finally left my life!!!

Lesson learned: Don't think that they'll change for you, even if they say so. Actions speak louder than words, and if he's not putting talk into motion...get out.


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