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Well we broke up December 5, 2004

I met this really wonderful guy in June of 2004. We started dating July 1, 2004. He was the best thing that had ever happend to me. Noone could ever get us apart. We spent the night together we even went to bangor together too visit his mom. I was only 14 and my mom let me go to bangor with a 16 year old. But the good thing was that he was a virgin and so wasent I and i was the first girl that he had ever kissed. We had so much fun together, he brought me to school everyday and he let me sit with him and all of his friends on the first day of school. I fell in love with him and i shouldent have. We went roller blading together on the weekends. He made me feel so happy and it was really cool kuz my mom liked him and he was becoming part of the family. I really liked hanging out with my older sister becuase she also had a boyfriend and the weird part is that her boyfriend and mine were cousins. well 2nd cousins, anyway, I thought that i had found the right person but he started acting wierd and i caught on to it, i was afraid that he was going to brake up with me so i tried to spend as much time as i could with him, i pretty much lost one of my bestfriends, well were still friends but its not like it used to be , well we broke up December 5, 2004, and it was the hardest thing i ever went through, he did it over the phone but it took him like 15 mins after broke up i went to his house and he hugged me for an hour. After that everything was different, he would ignore me in the hallways and he would never say hi it like he tried to avoid me...and that went on for along time, well 6 months after we broke up he started to like my older sister kuz her and the ex-boyfriend of 4 years had broken up, so one summer night my sister and him went to the same party got drunk and all I have to say is that he lost his vriginity to my older sister....he will always be my first love but he hurt me really bad!!!!


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