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This is not a tale since it's the truth! When my ex and I were together I would regularlly loan her out to my best friend. He was and still is married though in a horrible relationship. My ex girlfriend was nearly fifteen years younger then he and I and always willing to do this for us. She was twenty two at the time and truly a stunning girl. From the day I met her she made no secret about her love of men and lust for sex. She was very confident in herself as well as always very comfortable prancing around in front of us partially dressed. My friend's wife would take his kids and go visit her sister for a week or two at a time every three or four months, during her trips away the ex and I would pack a few bags and off she'd go to spend the week behaving as my best friends new wife. She'd call me to tell me about there sexual escapades which were always arousing to me. She would allow him to do what ever he wanted to her, which after hearing about some of there sessions shocked and amazed me. Now that she's gone I'm glad he shot so much video of there activities which I still find enjoyable to watch. One day my friend called to ask yet another favor (again believe it or not this is all truthful) his older brother works for a major retail chain and needed a female to accompany him to a dinner, since he was divoriced. My friend was calling to see if I would allow him to take my ex? Put her on the phone I told him, then she and I talked about it, and she said she'd do it if she could stay the night with my best friends brother! After my friend and I teased her about how much of a bad girl she really was I gave my consent and my friend called his brother (who knew what was going on with me loaning my ex to his brother) she said she would go to his companies dinner with him providing he'd keep her for the night! Of course he said yes after pinching himself, later my friends brother would tell me how she embarrassed him by coming on to a number of his co-workers however that didnt stop him from taking her back to his place and using her for all she was worth. We lasted almost four years and her promiscuity never slowed, finally I couldnt take it any longer so after asking her to choose between her lewd lifestle or me she left. To this day she'll still call every once in a blue moon, she has three kids all by different fathers. She tells me how great a time it was for her and how good her life was with me, truly that may have been how she saw it but it was hell on me!! However it was some of if not the best sex I'd ever had.


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