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Now John wasn't like all of the other guys there

In the summer of 2005, June to be exact I had a job working at a factory. I wasn't to fond of the work that I had to do and the enviornment that I was working in. I also didn't like it because there were so many guys there that was trying to talk to me, saying stuff like "can we be friends", and ladies we know what men mean when they say "friends" I was flattered at first, but after a certain point it just gets annoying, and plus I had a boyfriend, ecen though we were going through problems. Despite all of that, there was this one guy there and since I can't tell his name, we are going to call him John (typical). Now John wasn't like all of the other guys there, he started off talking to me as a friend, and only at work to. He didn't ask for my phone number or anything so I was like this guy is cool he's not tryingto get with me maybe he really does just want to be friends. His next step was offering me a ride home from work since we got off a like 2:00 in the morning most nights and I was always stuck waiting for a ride. Anyway from there he asked for my number, and at that point we were friends and I really didn't mind. We talked for a long time but then he left to go to school and we continued our friendship. By September he was asking me to be his girl, and since me and my former boyfriend had decided to take a break over the summer I said yes because I was really starting to like him. While he was away at school we talked on the phone every night for hours, I can honestly say that I was falling in love. Now when he came home from school which was at the end of November I was so happy,we were spending time together, still talking onthe phone and just being together and in love, which he did tell me that he loved me many times. I honestly thought that we were doing fine and that our relationsip was headed in the right direction. So on Christmas eve, he stops by my house we are hanging out and messing around, he tells me that he is going out of towm for christmas and that he would be back in a few days. So since he was going to be out of town I decided to give him his present then. It has been close to a month and I haven't seen nor heard from him since. But get this a week after he left his mom calls me and tells me that he was coming home that Friday but still I've heard nothing. Well peoples I can garuntee that this story is not fabricated, because I have the broken heart to prove it.


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