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He Cheated and Lied from Day One

I had recently had a BAD break-up and was not looking to meet anyone. My mom saw I was so depressed she wanted me to go out. We went out for drinks with her and her co-workers where she introduced me to this guy she works with. We hit it off...went out a couple of times and have been together since. Things were rocky from the beginning...for some reason we always got into arguments. However, I started to care for him a lot about 6 mths into the relationship. I spent a lot of nights at his house. For x-mas he decided to take a trip to Mexico to visit his family. I was upset that he didn't invite me, but I tried to be as supportive as possible. I even let him borrow $ so he can have enough for his trip. He called me several times while he was there, but never gave me a # to call him cause he said he would never be at one place at a time. (B/S)

When he came back from Mexico things were wonderful! I was so in-love with him and told him so. He said that on his trip he had learned he loved me and missed me so much too. We practically lived together at this point. I spent almost everyday with him at his house. Things got better...then on president's day I had the day off and was at his house when I was awakened by FedEx. I received a package from a girl in Mexico addressed to him. The front of the package read "Happy day my love (v-day) I miss you a lot. This is so you can dream with me" I called him immediately and confronted him. He denied it and said that she was a cousin and that's how they got along. I called his sister to confirm the story and she told me that he was lying that he met this girl at his cousin's wedding in Mexico earlier that year! I broke up with him. He begged me and cried and said that he never lied. That it was some girl he met, but that they had nothing anymore. That she was in Europe this time he went to Mexico and that she sent him the package because she found out he had been there.

I still had that doubt in my heart. I knew he was lying...so I came up with an idea. I figured that the easiest way to keep intouch with someone was through e-mail. So I broke into his email account...guess what I found! He had been cheating on me with that girl from day one. The reason he went to Mexico was to visit her. They slept almost every night he was there together. He even devirginized the poor girl! She swore him love and so did he. I read some very sweet and lovely e-mails from him to her and from her to him. I was so heart broken. He had never ever written or talked to me that way. He cried to me and said that he was confused because we never really clarified things between us.

The thing is that even after he got back from Mexico he continued the relationship via email for several months until I found out. He would have never broke it off if it wasn't because I emailed her to tell her the truth. Then I found out that even his whole family here knew about her. That on his dad's trip to Mexico he spoke to her about his son and her relationship. He even brought somethings back to him that she sent him! His mom also knew the truth. His whole family in Mexico thinks that she's the girlfriend while his whole family here treats me as if I'm the girlfriend!

I don't think he will ever change. He likes to cheat and I don't think he can stop lying. To make matters worse! I recently was told I had an STD...I got it from him! I have been tested several times before and have never had any problems until now. Also, this girl he was sleeping with about two years ago suddenly is calling him and he keeps telling me that she knows he has a girlfriend but doesn't admit to ever sleeping with her. Little does he know that I know the truth. I know he is lying!


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