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It was beautiful

It was beautiful. I took the chance and told D that I would like to go out. of course it blossomed from there. we dated but still lived in seperate homes for the next 4 years. our kids hated it. but we worked on it and they eventually learned to accept and love the other "parent."

At the beginning D had many friends visit. it didn't really matter to me that they did i left the room and let them talk. i started to change. all i did was spend time with D and my friends drifted away. they didn't feel comfortable talking to me anymore. when i talked about my friends, feedback from D was that they were dumb, fat, stupid and other men just wanted to sleep with me. i always thought it was just an opinion, and then my whole world was becoming smaller in a slow but systematic way. i was oblivious until i broke up with d.

i started to resent d's friends. if i didn't feel comfortable talking to my friends, why should d? the arguements became heated and name calling started. i started to find out that the people d was calling and that were calling back were actually ex's. they have no ties, other than a failed relationship. So why keep holding on?

d was like two different people, the d i knew who did everything with me and loved it. and the other, who snuck out drinking with the ex's, who secretly called them, had two cell phones so that no ex's would call during "our time" together.

one ex called me to see why i was such a b**** and after a few phone calls to me decided i wasn't. we started hanging out when d and i split last year. we went walking, talking and actually enjoyed each other's company. D went ballistic, and asked why is it alright for me to call her ex and not her?

i feel like i'm on a rollor coaster, still in love with D, but broken up. it's time, don't you think?


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