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I totally fell head over heals for this guy

I met J in a chat room one night and was totally charmed by his funny and sweet character. He was a US soldier in Iraq and me just a simple girl from a small island in the med, as there isn't much time difference from Iraq to my country, it was easy talking to J online. Chatting to him was fun, he always made me smile and we would spend hours talking. Seeing him for the first time on cam was crazy, I totally fell head over heals for this guy and it seemed like he felt the same way about me, he would always surprise me by sending me a new pic of him in my email, or leaving short off line messages during the day, he even started calling me at home, so after talking online for hours he used to call me right after and spend another hour on the phone talking or until he would start dozzing off just wanting to hear the sound of my voice. This went on almost everyday for 3 months, I WAS CRAZY ABOUT HIM. I started cancelling night out with friends so I can stay in and chat with him. So one thursday he told me he had to be away on a mission for a whole week, it was really sad, even though it was one week he couldn't stop telling me how much he was gonna miss me, i felt the same too. A week passed and he finally came online, he told me how much he missed me and asked me for my home address saying he wanted to send me a letter, so I gave it to him and a week later I recieved 13 red roses with a note saying 'with love from J' I was SHOCKED, not even my ex boyfriend ever got me soo many roses cos he only gave me one rose in 2 yrs !!! That night he told me he was getting one month off to go home on vacation and would use the last week to come to my country to be with me, He had booked his flight tickets and a hotel and emailed me the itinerary so I believed him. The same day he flew home I went to Paris on holiday and all I could think about was him and how great it would be finally meeting him and be in his arms. When I finally found an internet place in Paris I logged on to see if he left any messages like he promised he would and NOTHING! I thought maybe he didn't have time to go online yet having his family around him so that was ok, but when I got back home and one week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks passed and the day he was supposed to be here but I still didn't hear anything from him, just broke me down and i cried for days thinking I could have been in his arms, I sent him tons of emails with no reply. One day I logged on messanger and found him online, he was back in Iraq, I was angry and asked him why didn't he write to me and most of all why did he bother paying for a flight he didn't even use, he was really cold towards me and I didn't know why, so I thought I'd calm down and ask him how his trip back home was, all he told me was 'It was great, girls here just love men in uniform' That was the end of it, I blocked him from my account and never heard from him again.


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