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I dumped him. I regret it occasionaly

I dated this guy for a year and three months. We were in love blahblahblah. He'd even bought me a promise ring and all that.
August came and he had to go off to college.
After that, he changed.
Became lazy, rude, self-involved.
He forgot our one year anniversary (but NEVER admited he did and never apologized) and, to top it off, he let his mother do all the work in our relationship. As in, his mom bought me gifts, etc. This guy hadn't even taken me out since the first 4 months we had dated- it was all just me going over to his home to hang out with him.
I broke up with him on Christmas Eve.
Breaking up was sparked by the lameass gift "he" bought me- a random bear thing- and the card that said "Happy Holidays" no 'I love you' 'You're special' etc. This was the gift he got me even though he SWORE he'd make me something. Being the lazy ass he is, though, he went last minute shophing and bought that cr@p. (Or his mom. who knows.)
I dumped him. I regret it occasionaly but I feel I made the right move.


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