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Then he writes all of our friends an email explaining what he did to me!

I had a long term relationship (over a year) with someone who lived in Europe. We met and fell in love when we worked together one summer, and made plans to travel together after our work ended. He got mono and decided to go home bc he was so sick. i was heartbroken to have lost him so quickly but we made plans to see each other as soon as he got well. Once he was healthy again, he came to visit for a week. Then two months later, a two week visit. I then went to visit him, and we kept talking about one day being together, taking that big step and one of us moving to where the other was. Right after our year anniversary, I went to visit him again. In the middle of our visit, he drops this bomb, saying he's met someone at work! She's married and just found out she's pregnant! And we were going to his work party that weekend! He basically broke up with me then and there, with ten days left of my trip. He said it wasn't a practical time for him to have a girlfriend. And I thought, when is love ever practical? I was too destroyed to pack my bags and leave on the spot, so I suffered the trip out and went home. Then he writes all of our friends an email explaining what he did to me!
It was the worst.


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