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Dated for almost four years. I told him I was ready for marriage one year into our relationship because I truly loved him. I allowed him to talk me into a second year lease on our apartment. After I graduated college, I figured he would begin to start his professional career like myself. I found he lied about taking money from his parents, who bought his car, and steps he was taking to get out of his retail job. He has told me I'm the one and then he tells me he's not ready for marriage.

I refused to renew the lease for a third year because I was so unhappy with our situation. We work opposite schedules and told him this was a strain b/c he had a degree and could be doing more. It really bothers me that I make more money than him and he is almost thirty. He is a nice person and I really love him. I just feel like he is stringing me along.

I am not all about money. I just need to be with someone who puts effort into his life and career. He's not improving his life or the world around him. Basically, I thought after graduation he would move from retail into a professional career and start building a life for us, but he still hasn't. I feel guilty for saying the life he will have in the future, just isn't good enough for me.


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