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I meet my ex,when my daughter was 5 day's old

My Ex is one life little man (in the brain and other part)
well just to give you fast run down of our life. I meet my ex,when my daughter was 5 day's old, you see i wasa single mother. after the person that I was with fot 7 year's changed his mind about being a dad.so I went on alone, then meet my ex, and we started to see each other for while. then moved into geather. he went traveling for few month's to iran, and meet someone over there, but after(maybe) sleeping with her came home to us again. then his dad passed away, he wanted to go spend the night there alone. so I though that we would see him next day, as to give him his space, to say goodbye to his dad. but instead he spent night with ex girlfreind, (all night)... then after that hey has just been found out haveing a thing with 14 year old tart from Canada, she told him she was 25 and he told her he was 28.. he is 38 , and he waited untill she turned 16, and went over to stay with her family in peterbought canada. her family think he's wounderfull. and their little think is soo great that she has given him, S.T.D. by the other guy's she has been sleeping with.. and he's so stupid that he has taken her back again.


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