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I broke up with him yesterday, one of the hardest things I've done

I broke up with him yesterday,one of the hardest thing's i've done.I loved him and still do with all my heart. And i've been thinking about him all day, can't get him off my mind. We just got into a little arugement, nothing really big. Nothing me or him did bad. But i was just alittle over him and our relationship at that point. Everything was going great but then we starting arugeing alot for some reason or another. One reason was because he had been talking to his ex at least once a week and i didnt really want him doing that. So we would fight about that, because i was "telling him who he could or could'nt talk to." But i wasnt, i mean if i was talking to my ex he would get so pissed at me. We've been through alot together. But today I just wanted to pretend i didnt even know him after what he said to me this morning. Because i asked him if we were ok, like being friend's and stuff, but He said that he didnt want to talk to me anymore and that hurt so bad. I asked him why and i said "Oh did i hurt you?" he told me "no" He asked me what i was doing because he thought i was crying, but i wasn't. He told me to stop crying AND I SEIOUSLY WASN'T !!!! I said "yeah like you would ever cry about anything, you dont care about sh*t!!"
He said "i cried alot in the past, but not recently". THEN he told me he cried over his ex almost everyday after they broke up. NOW HOW IS ThaT SUPPOSED TO MAKE ME FEEL? I guess, that im NOTHING TO HIM. He's cried at least once over me, and i know that for a fact, because i was on the phone with him when he did it. But anyway... i dont know if he was just trying to make me mad or hurt me or what. But whatever he was trying to do worked. Because i feel more worthless then i did before. But the funny thing is that i still love him and want him back and i can never not think about him at least once everyday... or even let go. As much as i try... i just can't.


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