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Fell in love with this girl the first time I met her

Fell in love with this girl the first time i met her. She had a boyfriend of 4 years(her first everything). Well we had everything in common and i showed her how to have fun and laugh again. When someone asked her about him she would say that its alright or that she cant complain. He is a very controling person, took away from her friends even though he lives out of state. Anyways we're very attrached to each other. I was drawn to her because of her smile and laugh and she was drawn to me because i was the reason why. she realized that she wanted to be treated better so they broke up with him and we became very close. We she gave him the chance to fix things but he gave her the choice him or me. Well she picked me and we started a beautiful relationship together. She told me that i showed her the one thing that she has always been missing, HAPPINESS. Every time she was down and i heard it in her voice i suprised her with something at work or at home to bring her right back up. At of the 5 months we were goin out we never faught, he had dissagreed on some things but never faught. Something alot different from her previous. We were always honest with each other never lied. I took down all the walls she had built up from her ex and her dad. Well she told me that she was starting to have some feeling for her ex. We would talk about it and i never once got mad at her even though it really hurt. We she talked to him trying to figure things out. Well he has had a girlfriend and yet is trying to talk to her. Anyways we have had several long talks and currently she doesn't know what she really wants. A part of her wants him back and another part says that he will never change. I want to continue our great friendship and we have, but in the same aspect i want her back. I wish the feelings for him would just go away and she says the same thing because of how much she loves me.


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