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E-mail is great and this is the final e-mail I sent to my ex. He gives an ounce of wanting to get back together and then takes it back. My heart is tired of the roller coaster and needed to know where he wanted to go from here as well as tell him how I feel. So heres a copy of the letter.

(Ex's Name),
If you can honestly look me in the eye and tell me that you have no feelings for me; then I need to quit wasting my time and move on with my life. When you love someone as much as I do you it is very hard to do so. However, if this is what you want I have came to the realization that if you need space and freedom then I respect your wishes enough to give you just that. I have stayed up numerous nights crying and wishing I could be back in your arms, or dreaming of waking up one day and everything magically being okay. This is real life and I need to leave fantasy land. I have never ask you to fix things and jump in both feet at once, I wanted to take baby steps and see where that went, but there was an unwillingness there too. I guess you have made yourself clear and I am sorry that it has taken me so long to see that. I am sorry for being selfish, if you thought I was, but I guess emotions are easily mistaken for selfishness. For that I am sorry as well. I read a quote that fits me perfectly; Everything has a happy ending, if you are not happy, then itís not the end. Maybe there is somewhere out there where we both can both be happy. I know that it is not worth me waiting around and dwelling on someone who doesnít love me. I deserve to be truly loved and if I cannot get that out of a relationship with you then I clearly donít need you. You deserve the best too, I would like to be the one who gives that to you, but once again you have to do what is in your heart and what is going to make you the happiest. Ya know (Ex's name) I really wanted this all to pan out for the best, and it may still in the end. I am sorry that I tried to rush you into something that you were not ready for, but in the end I donít know if I am ready either. I love you a lot and that has never been a question, but how far am I willing to push that love? You have put me through hell and back, as I am sure you feel the same way. But, at the same time I donít want things to end up in the same boat they were in before, because it wouldnít be fair to us to our baby girl. She is a sweet little angel and deserves to be in a happy family. She doesnít need yelling, screaming, lying, or cheating in her life. So, I have to take all of that into consideration when it comes to getting back with you. Not saying that we are but just tossing thoughts out there. I love you very much and I am sure that you know that. At the same time if you cannot look at me and say I love you too then all of this is a waist of time, effort, and added heartache. To be honest I donít know how much more my heart can take. It has been tested to the max the past few months. I am still trying to pick up the pieces and mend them back together; however there are pieces that will more than likely never be filled. All I can do is work with what I have and hope for the best. Sorry it has taken me so long to see that if us getting back together means loosing your happiness then it is not worth it. I want you to be happy with your life (ex's name). If you think I cannot give that to you, then I need to move on. I will always hold a place dear to my heart for you. Iíll always be here if you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on when things get rough. Nothing in life is always going to go smoothly, I wish it could but there is always a bump. I deserve to be happy and you do to (ex's name), so hereís to the new happiness in our lives, whether that be together or separate. I will never yell at you over anything because life is too short to fuss and fight and I hope that in turn you can be honest with me. I want a friendship out of this if nothing else because we both are too young to spend the rest of our lives disliking the other. You can be a really good guy from time to time and I would like for us to get along enough to see our baby through all of her life journeys! From the deepest part of my heart with love and respect! Me

I have yet to recieve a response back. I personally don't see how someone could read that and not repond in someway. Maybe he's just different, or maybe there is no hope for this relationship! Either way I will search to find the place where I can be happy with myself and him. We have a daughter together and she deserves the best! Best wishes to everyone else in their ex adventures. Hope there's a happy ending in everyones life.


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