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I found the guy I wanted to be with forever... after 2 months he ended in jail

right around last year at this time we started dating it was perfect it was the love of my life and i thought i found the guy i wanted to be with forever. after 2 months he ended in jail i wanted to wait for him but i found out he was cheating on me from---the boy im with now--- weird huh? anyway i broke up with him we tried it again twice i forgave him but he kept on doin the same shit i decided to just let it go i knew it would be for the better.when we broke up for good it was the middle of the summer( we went out 7 months on AND off) so i spent the rest of my summer just kickin with my girls then i started talking to the boy who told me he was cheating on me to begin with. weve been together for 4 months now and i really do love him a lot like i couldnt imagine my life without him. BUT i cant help but to just wish i could be in last year right now be back in *his* arms but i dont want him in my life now weve been through to much together and it just wouldnt be same but i would love to just go back b4 it went to sh*t just to see how happy i was. when i see him now(him and my boy kick it) its so weird but i really try to act like it dont bother me i love my boy now but i really dont think ill ever forget the happiness i use to have the way my life was when he was in it. sometimes i ask myself where would we if it never fell apart. we'd be good i know it but not everything comes as u want it. the saying is true tho"every now and then im wishin it was then instead of now' cute ass sayin aint it?


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