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A fool born every day!

I have been seeing this guy I met five years ago on line. I didn't even want to talk to the guy at first but then he won my heart over. I helped him financially and mentally emotionally and made a real human out of him. Now that he's finally out of his depression and sure that suicide isn't a part of his life. He seems to have also out grown our friendship too. I feel like five years of my life were spent helping out this Guy. Now he has a job and is stable for the most part but has no intentions of paying me back the thousands of dollars or the countless hours I spent on him. I feel really cheated. As a matter of fact I feel like all my time saving this person from himself destroyed a good part of my own life.
He begged me to be part of his life or else he would kill himself, I just couldn't live with the thought of his death and now I get nothing from the entire deal.

A fool born every day!


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