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He Cheated and Lied

We dated for 7 months. Almost the whole time he told me loved me, even talked about where we'd go on our honeymoon and what kind of wedding I'd like. What he wasn't telling me was that the whole time he'd also been in contact with an ex-gf who'd dumped him 17 years earlier because she thought he wasn't good enough for her. Right before we met, he'd contacted her again and they'd been calling each other ever since. He began dating both of us at the same time--he had a woman in another state and me at home.

When she decided she wanted him back and moved to my state, he strung me along until he knew for sure she wouldn't dump him a 2nd time around. While we were dating, he always insisted he wanted a long engagement and didn't want to jump into marriage like his 1st marriage. He married the ex-gf 6 weeks after breaking up with me. While we dated, he insisted he was done having children. They had a baby.

Also, after we broke up, I found out he'd had internet sex with another woman while I spent the weekend comforting a friend over a personal loss. I also found out he lied to me about one of his friends--a woman he'd told me was just a friend really was really a sexual partner who often came to visit him and (after stringing her along until he was sure I'd stay with him) he broke up with her when he met me.


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