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Divorce can be a dirty word, but sometimes it's a relief.

After graduating, I went off to fight the peacetime war. on my return, All of my friends had moved away or changed their name. So I began to work in the office of a local manufacturing plant. Life went on. I heard one day that we got a new receptionist. Her last name brought a flash from the past, so I decided to go chat with her. I found out that she was the sister of a girl i knew back in middle school! After a few visits, she invited me over and reintroduced me to her sister.
My soon to be ex was witty and charming. We talked of old times, going out frequently. I thought it was kind of odd at the time that she did not want to hang out with me as much as I did her. She professed to loving me about a month after we started dating, but she would disappear on some nights. I chalked it up to a busy lifestyle. Four months went by and I got a phone call, preceeding a three day weekend. My soon to be Ex asked if I had any plans. I told her no. She asked me to marry her. I said okay and we went off to Vegas for a quickie wedding.we got an apartment together in the suburbs. The first 6 months were great, except she had a problem i did not know about. A heavy addiction problem. She would go through hundreds of dollars a month to feed her habit. when I confronted her about it, I got one of two responses: I'll try to quit. Or I just don't care. The time we spent to dwindle. She hung out more and more with her ex-boyfriend, who was her pusher.She would come home after 4AM and be off to work by 8AM. I would not see her except for maybe an hour of that time. while she was sleeping. When it became obvious that things were only going to get worse, I pulled the plug on our marriage. Divorce can be a dirty word, but sometimes it's a relief.


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