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We Fought, He Took My Money

I have gone out with some real losers in my life but nothing compares to the latest. I picked this guy up at the local bar. He was hot and seemed my type. From the 1st conversation it was all about his ex-wife who had still not technically divorced from. Then went on to tell me about this girl who was his sister-in-laws best friends he lived with for a year. I know the warning signs where there but as usual i ignored them. I had gone through interesting times also so i don't try to be judgementlay. Wrong again i should have ran. But love cought the best of me.

For the 1st month or 2 it was greta then we would get in these horendous fights yelling at each other then make up. Which was so unlike me cuz i never agrue like the way we did. Then we was Mr.Country shoot anything furry and moves. He would go out w/ his friends hunting all night long. Then it got to be days when i wouldn't see nor hear from him. When he asked for me to cover his rent one month i said sure like a dumb ass.

Then the worst happened he got kicked out of his apt and then lived with me after only 3 months. I was like cool i could spend more time with him. I had gotten my tax money back and being a single mother i got alot back. I spent alot on us going out his birthday and all that. After about 1 month of him living w/ me i couldn't take it anymore of him not coming home at night and not calling he also was so selfish he didn't realise that i was spending alot of time talking to my ex-boyfriend.

All in all i kicked him out he owes me about 1,500 and i'm back w/ the good man i not sure why i dumped in the 1st place. No more pretty boys they are only pretty they have no brains and will always do you wrong and be selfish thats what keeps them so pretty. This is to the worst Boyfriend i have every had in my life


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