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So New Years is when I decided within myself that I want to be treated better in 2006

I met this guy when I was 17 he was married. I went away to school for two years and we remained in contact. He would come to visit me. Things were really good I made him my world. After I graduated with my two year degree I cam home to be with him. He was divorced by the time I came home. We didn't move in like we planned. I ended up living with my mother for 1 1/2. Then I go my own place. 2 yrs after living on my own. He got his ex-girlfriend pregnant. When I first found out I was mentally devasted I had a break down. I had to go to counselling because I wasn't dealing with what happened to me well. After I got over the initial shock. I forgave him and then 1 year later he moves the girl in his house w/ their son but he tells me this is temporary because the girl doesn't have anywhere to go. I beleived him and then his isssues just started to way me down and I started to be depressed becasue I honestly beleived that we were going to be together. I was with him 6 yrs. He has a live in baby moma. I have no children and I feel foolish because I believed that he loved me but truth is I not sure if he ever did! Through all of this I managed to try to work things out with him. Then I started to get smart I spent most of my youth trying to be loved by someone who said he cared but his actions did not reflect his words. So New Years is when I decided within myself that I want to be treated better in 2006.


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