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They never change, but when you love someone it's hard to let go

reading many accounts of ex boyfreinds and how people wait around in the hope of getting back together, I'd like to know if anyone has waited as long as I did. I met my ex when I was 22, he was fun,careing, good looking. He moved in and we fell in love, he enjoyed going out alone but that was ok, he wanted to marry me, have kids. We didnt marry but after four years I was pregnant, He had an affair and left but came back when our daughter was bourne only to leave again when she was six months old!came back six months later and our second child was on the way.another daughter, he worked away a lot,came home and told me I was holding him back he wanted to seperate. I moved and after two years he said he missed me and wanted to try again, stupidly I agreed, it was great at first and I had another two children, boy's this time. He still worked away, coming home at weekends, this went on for ten years! When I said I wanted him around more he reluctantley agreed, only to pick fights, any excuse to go out and drink. Finally I'd had enough, we parted eighteen months ago and he's with someone else now, all in all I wasted twentyseven years hopeing this man would change.......They never change, but when you love someone it's hard to let go


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