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He's back in town

I had been dating this guy for several months. I was crazy about him and he seemed crazy about me. Like most couples, we had our ups and downs, but had always worked things out eventually.

One day he tells me he is moving 8 hours away to "fix his life". I had no choice but to let him go. We continued a long distance relationship, but it felt like we were drifting apart...and I was the only one who seemed to care.

I went to visit him twice...once I just got on the plane and he didn't know I was coming until I called him from the airport. We had a great time. I went to visit him twice more...those were bittersweet meetings. He seemed irritated that I had come...like I was a burden. But I was in love with him, and it was great to see him. The last time I visited him, he decided he "needed to be alone" and left me at the hotel. He came back that night, but only to leave me wondering where we stood the next morning. I left with a heavy heart.

We ended up getting back together, and he came to visit me for my birthday. I found out after the fact that he was flirting with my friends before I arrived for the party. When my friend reminded him that he wasn't single, his response made it clear he didn't care.

Then I didn't hear from him for weeks. I tried calling and paging him with no response. One night I paged him from his friend's house, and he called. When I answered the phone, he said he wanted me to meet someone. A girl came on the line and said she was his new girlfriend. I was devastated.

A few months later he showed up at my door at 3am saying he had only asked a female friend to tell me that because he felt the long distance relationship was unfair to me. I told him I thought there were better ways to break up with someone than that. Still, like a fool, I took him back.

It ended when he went overseas without saying goodbye...and I never spoke to him or saw him again although I heard from a mutual friend that he's back in town and asks about me often.


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