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Not sure how I can trust someone again

I dated a guy for 4 years. After about a 7 months of dating he moved to another state for a change in business. I went along with him, left my job, my friends. After about a year of hell in the new job and new state we decided to return to our old state, he returned to his old job. About a month of returning he broke up with me and started sating a woman at work right away. When I found out he said, "we broke up, what was I supposed to do?" He never stopped calling, would come over and hang out, e-mail me. When she went away on vacation for a month, he called me right away wanting to hang out. He wanted me back. Apologized for everything. I took him back. When the girl returned from her vacation, he broke things off with her. We continued to sate for another year. He moved back in. We began talking about getting married. We then began going through problems again and he moved out. But we continued to date. One night, he had slpet over, and then after he left work he called me and asked what I was doing. I told him I was staying in. He said he was going to the gym and then hanging out with some college buddies. I then heard that he actually had gone on a date with another girl. He denied it and told me he loved me. I was his favorite. He came over all the time. We went Christmas shopping, he told me what he was going to get me for Christmas. I kept asking him to be honest with me. Told him that I would rather have him be honest then hold back things...no matter how hurtful it would be. I told him that I wanted our relationship to be based on trust and he needed to be honest. He promised he would be honest with me. Then I found out he did indeed go out with another girl. I asked him with my proof, and he still denied it. He would spend all this time with me, but make plans on the side. He is indeed cheating on me. This just happened in the past week. It hurts more than anything I could imagine. I am not sure how I can trust someone again and I am not sure how he can live with himself.


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