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She Attacked Me and Lied

I even new about her sick past involving her phone harassing her EX at work a few years prior and I still didn't even see this coming. If you value your job, avoid relationships with these types at all costs (especially if you illicitly party), no matter how good she is inda sack. A good job is harder to replace than a good %%%%.

The last weekend before she flipped was actually one of our best. Somehow I was able to stop her from continually pushing me beyond the brink of outrage after about an hour or so of vicious unprovoked verbal attacks, at the same time she intently turns the whole thing only to falsely accuse me of OUTraging her. The rest of the weekend seemed OK, I gave her a ride home, and no attacks. That is usually a good indicator that she isn't upset about anything you did or said over the weekend, but then I fell asleep at her house as she guided me to her bed. I woke the next morning late for work, so a quick adios and a see ya later. Next thing I know she is sending me harassing emails to my work, falsly accusing me of treating her like she treats me. The next day phone harrasments at work, then she emails and calls my boss telling him all these lies about me being a drug addict. Next thing I know my work drug tests me and I get fired from the best job I ever had. If you run into one of these subhuman whinches that starts to falsly accusing you of outrageously misstreating her, beware.

I noticed a consistent pattern made about future plans. This same pattern of negative assumptions was also being inflicted to fill in anything not remembered over the past weekend. That's why she flipped the next day which allowed enough time to forget more and convince herself that her false negative assumptions were true.


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