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I got a call to pick him up from jail and bring $500.00 to pay his Drunken Disorderly ticket!!!!

One Saturday my boyfriend of three and Ĺ years, and I were hanging out with friends watching the college football games. All of a sudden I didnít feel very good, so I told him I was going to lay-down for awhile.

Four hours later, I was really really sick and I felt like something was wrong. I told my boyfriend that I wanted to go home and asked if he would come with me. He said that he didnít want to but he would drop me off (in my own car of course) at my place, so he could continue drinking and go to the bar with her friends.

A couple hours later, I still didnít feel good and ended up taking a taxi to the hospital, all alone. It turns out that I had a bleeding ulcer! When I left the hospital I couldnít get ahold of my boyfriend. I decided to go to his place and sleep there until he got home from the bar.

He ended up never coming home that night. I was a reck, in three years he had never done anything like that! At 10:00 am the next morning, I got a call to come pick him up from jail and bring $500.00 to pay off his Drunken Disorderly ticket!!!!

What a great boyfriend!


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