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he has this gorgous girl after him and I cant do anything about it.

Let's start with the beginning of the school year when I was friends with these 3 BEST friends who were inseperable thinking that they would let me into their little group and i just started noticing that they made plans behind my back but i didnt say anything. In the meantime, I had a huge crush (Let's just name him Sam) on Sam but he never noticed me anyways but his best friend "Kole" did because we had every class with each the year before so of course we flirted and talked so I just started liking him and then i heard that Sam liked one of my friends named "Kelsey" and I got mad because I've liked him since forever, and one day we all decided to go on a double date (we as in Kole,Kelsey,Sam,and I) and WOW.. was that a bad IDEA! At that time, I didnt like Kole anymore and wasnt that good of friends with Kelsey but I was in "like" with Sam and I had to go and watch them be all over each other that day so I got very fustrated and just decided to let it go because I'm not a hot-headed person at all. So I just let time pass by and watch them like each other more and more each day... it was heartbreaking but I could I do? She was my so-called friend and everyone thought I liked Kole so I told myself too bad. Then one day Kelsey, me and my other 2 friends were talking and she said she met this incredible guy named Jake at a diffent school, so I asked her," do u still like Sam anymore then?" then she said yea but Jake is really cute so Sam heard about it and was heartbroken but didnt do anything about so he kept on telling her he liked her. So one night he called me to ask me about an assignment that was due the next day.. my heart was reacing when he called me.. i was so excited! until he brought up Kelsey. I thought Oh great another sob story. but then he started tellling me that he feels like he doesnt like her anymore and shes treating him differently now and I was shocked because he seemed so in love with her that i wouldnt have a clue why he was complaining about her, espcially to me! so calls like that came from him almost every other day after that.. but he always brought the conversation down by telling me how badly Kelsey treated him and if I knew where she was so i thought psshhh.. no chance for me until one night my cousin spent the night at my house and I was telling her about the gorgous guy named Sam who I adored at school but had no chance with since Kelsey like him and she gave me her advice then he called me and my sweet cousin was talking to her boyfriend and i was talking to Sam on the phone and my cousin got mad at her boyfriend but she didnt want to hang up so she gave the phone to me to try to calm herself down so I had to hand my phone to her so she could talk to Sam for a bit. I cant remember what she said to him but some reason when she was done i got back on the phone with him and he was quiet. For a long time, he just was silent, then I asked him what was wrong and he said well your cousin made me think. so I was thinking oh no what did she say? so we kept on talking. It wasnt until later that week that he called me and started talking to me more flirtatious. but at school he was all over Kelsey until one day he was just fed up and told her he was over it. and that night I was going to a concert when he called me and asked me if I was still friends with Kelsey and at that point I really wasnt because even though he was all over her at school, I still got a chance to talk to him here and there and Kelsey saw so she got jealous and just assumed that i wasd flirting with him so I got mad and wasnt talking to her for the rest of the week but I wasnt mean about it at all,(im not that type of person) so our friendship wasnt exactly over but I told him what had happenened over the phone that night and he said "well once u get this thing solved, would u consider going out with me?" and I said yes, if I'm not Kelsey's friend anymore and he said ok and so we started talking more at school and eventually Kelsey saw and of course she assummed and confronted me. She's a very maniplative girl so I just broke down and told her everything. She didnt seem mad, but since I was her friend for about a year, of course I knew that she was screaming inside. I played it safe the next day and decided that I wasnt going to sit with her at lunch anymore and went to go sit at my best friend's(current) table and Kelsey hated me ever since that day. Well back to the story, Sam and I were finally going out and I was so happy! Finally, after liking him for 3 years, I was finally going out with him. Then after the 3rd month into our relationship, I think that we both thought about breaking up with each other because at that point, he started canceling on our dates, making the same(but true) excuses up for every weekend. It seemed to me that he didnt have the time for a girlfriend but I held on because I was head over heels for him and didnt want to let him go.(Note:Sam was a very PRUDE guy) Then in the 6th month of our relationship, he made his move.. I thought to myself, we have become closer that one moment. but it was nearing the end of the year and summer was coming. We talked about having a very long relationship in the past because my older sibling had a 6 yr relationship and still going and he said he wanted us to end up like that so I belived him. We planned for next year BIG dance together. but one night when I just couldnt take any of his cancellations anymore, I told him and it was our one and ONLY REAL fight so he got mad and told me "let's just take a break and see what happens next year" So I cracked on the phone "ok" hung up and bawled that ENTIRE night. It was terrible. Imagine liking a guy for 3 years, trying to get him to notice you for 2 years, then finally going out with him for 7 months, for him to break your heart. I felt like he took out my heart and stomped on it a few times then putting it back in so I could suffer. Summer went by, I went halfway across the country to go visit my uncle and I thought about him like crazy. Like I still had a chance with him. Here it is, the day to pick up our schedule talk to friends you havent seen all summer and there he was right in front of me. He didnt even bother to say hello or anything. It hurt so bad, seeing him smile just made me weep. but the year started with me brokenhearted, finding out that while i was mourning over him halfway across the country, he was hanging out with girls that I knew that went to my church that I absolutly HATED, so I was devastated. A few weeks into school I got a new boyfriend, Chris. He was exactly what I wished for that summer, blonde, buff, sweet, caring, hot guy. But then I realized I dont like him, I dont want a boyfriend, I want Sam back. So after 2 months of trying, I called it off, and now he doesnt talk to me anymore, but even today, 7 months after my split with Sam, I still want him back, even if he treated me badly, even if i had a boyfriend. So my lesson of this year is that "Dont fall too hard if you know he's not going to be there to catch you in the end." Because let me tell you, I fell pretty hard, and it hurt, it still hurts, because he has this gorgous girl after him and I cant do anything about it.


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